Format designed for those who wish to learn the skills and techniques needed to make Neapolitan pizza at a professional level.
Content includes: dough management, selection of ingredients, toppings, baking, table service, collaboration with pizza oven staff, front of house staff duties.
This course consists of 60 hours spread over 15 days and is intended for those who have never worked as a professional pizza chef before but who are hoping to take up a career in this area. Courses will be held by trained and qualified instructors. Contact us for information

Why choose our professional course

  • Pizza Consulting has a specific experience over twenty years in professional training about real neapolitan pizza and claims the formation of 1000 students, from every part in all over the world. Many of them have achieved important goals, like restaurant chain, Michelin Guide, Gambero Rosso and the World Championship of Neapolitan Pizza;
  • Pizza Consulting works with max 3 students together. This is fundamental to follow every student in best way possible, step to step, in every phase of Pizza Napoletana manufacturing, giving a large space to manual activity;
  • The teacher is unique and will be the same during all course’s duration. In this way you can find more evenness and continuity during the training course;
  • Pizza consulting class foresees teaching of neapolitan pizza’s managing and cooking in wood oven;
  • The professional course is tailored and fits on different needs of the students and their starting level;
  • At the end of Pizza training course, Pizza Consulting will continue to follow the students, with a direct contact to provide advices and following directions

Scheduled professional courses

Professional courses 02/09/2024

2 September - 20 September

Professional courses 23/09/2024

23 September - 11 October

Professional courses 14/10/2024

14 October - 1 November

Professional courses 04/11/2024

4 November - 22 November

Professional courses 25/11/2024

25 November - 13 December