The course aims to present the characteristics of typical Neapolitan pizza and especially to highlight how it differs from other types of pizza. It is intended for anybody who is interested in Neapolitan pizza – whether an amateur cook or experienced – and hopes to be able to make genuine Neapolitan pizza in a wood oven at home.

The course takes place over one week (20 hours total) from Monday to Friday 10am – 2pm and provides participants with a basic knowledge of pizza making.


  • Introduction to the Neapolitan Pizza;
  • Overview of the base ingredients of a typical Neapolitan pizza (water, flour, yeast, tomatoes, mozzarella, oil, basil);
  • Overview of Equipment (oven, dough mixer, pizza peel, typical Neapolitan oil cruet, dough container)
  • Possible guided tour by producers of primary ingredients


  • Manual and assisted dough making
  • Dough rising
  • Handling and stretching pizza base
  • Baking
  • Start to finish preparation of a typical Neapolitan pizza, concentrating on its specific characteristics
  • Observation of the participant’s pizza making skills by a master pizza chef, who will highlight any mistakes

Price: € 700.00 + VAT

Course duration 1 week for a total of 20 hours

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