Our consultancy services provide a detailed knowledge of the typical Neapolitan Pizza and the value add it brings compared to other types of pizza on the market. We offer complete training on the production cycle, as well as the organization of equipment in order to ensure the smooth running of the production site and the restaurant serving typical Neapolitan pizza.

If your aim is to invest in the genuine Neapolitan pizza and make your pizzeria a must visit in your city, we can help you achieve your goals with our consultancy services, which include:

  • Staff training both in Italy and abroad;
  • Assistance with purchasing kitchen equipment and help with establishing a supply of ingredients, bringing together client, producers and suppliers;
  • Support with planning the design of the pizzeria alongside a team of specialist architects;
  • Review of the menu;
  • Assistance with supply chain planning and maintaining the correct level of supplies in the storage area
  • Quality control during the production process, particularly as regards efficiency and maintaining high standards;
  • Inspection of the site’s hygiene standards, including pizzeria equipment, fittings intended for food preparation, storage and utilization of pizza ingredients;
  • Customer satisfaction rating and suggestions for any actions needed to improve staff efficiency;
  • Assistance during the opening of the pizzeria;
  • Support of newly trained pizza chefs after opening;
  • Inspection of the pizza making process to ensure that it is smooth and robust.

Services will be tailored to the client’s individual needs, therefore the cost of consultancy services will vary depending on the time needed, number of staff to train and size of the restaurant being opened.