Enzo Coccia
Enzo CocciaFounder of Pizza Consulting
Enzo Coccia, master pizza chef. He began his career in his family’s pizzeria located in the historical centre of Naples. He has dedicated all his energy and time to studying the traditional Neapolitan pizza, researching its history, pizza making technique and ingredients. He sees his dreams for the future in the eyes and hands of his sons Andrea and Marco.

What is Pizza Consulting?

Pizza Consulting provides training and consultancy services to boost the growth of the Neapolitan pizza sector. We offer courses for enthusiasts wanting to learn to make Neapolitan pizza, whether they be amateur cooks or catering professionals; anyone who hopes to make Neapolitan pizza in their wood oven at home. There are also courses for aspiring pizza chefs, those who have never worked in the sector before but wish to build a career in Neapolitan pizza. There are workshops for professionals wanting to refine their techniques and methods of working. Finally, Pizza Consulting offers consultancy services for entrepreneurs who wish to invest in the Neapolitan pizza as a product. A training package which covers the whole life cycle of the product, as well as the correct organization of equipment to guarantee the smooth running of a production facility and Neapolitan pizza restaurant.

Scheduled courses

Professional courses 03/10/2022

3 October ore 10:00 - 29 October ore 14:00

Professional courses 31/10/2022

31 October ore 8:00 - 26 November ore 17:00

Professional courses 28/11/2022

28 November ore 8:00 - 23 December ore 17:00

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